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Last Updated: 13-Mar-2014

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New Plan for Car Parking at Llandough Hospital

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Cardiff and the Vale University Health Board has announced a new scheme to help relive chronic parking at Llandough Hospital

Outside help is being brought in to tackle long-standing parking problems at University Hospital Llandough.

The busy hospital site has suffered from chronic parking problems causing patients to be late for their appointments, bus operators refusing to service the site and emergency vehicles being delayed.

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board has signed an agreement with national operator ParkingEye to manage parking at the hospital and issue Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) of up to £70 to those disrupting the hospital site by breaking parking rules.

Peter Welsh, the Hospital’s General Manager, said parking would remain free at the hospital but that something had to be done to address the concerns raised by patients, staff and third parties.

He said: “Irresponsible parking has been a problem for some time and has caused a host of problems. It has affected access for emergency vehicles, the delivery of medical supplies and caused patients to be late for appointments, which has an effect on clinical services.

“We’ve tried a variety of options, such as putting flyers on cars asking drivers to be more responsible, but it hasn’t helped so we are having to bring in support.

“It will mean designated patient parking close to the hospital building, improved security and will hopefully lead to greater public transport links for the site. It will also make the site easier to access and safer for drivers and pedestrians.”

The plans have been developed over a year and involved consultation with unions, the Community Health Council, police, council and other groups involved in the hospital.

ParkingEye will shortly begin work installing automatic number plate recognition cameras across the hospital site and will take over management of car parking from Monday October 14th.

They will introduce designated areas for patient and staff car parking. A four hour parking limit will be introduced for visitors, with the health board being able to extend that time for patients needing longer stays.

ParkingEye will also provide staff to tackle vehicles parking inappropriately and issue Parking Charge Notices of £70. These will be reduced to £40 if paid within 14 days, and a procedure for appealing the charges has been agreed by the health board and supported by council highways staff and South Wales Police.

A spokeswoman for ParkingEye said: “We are delighted to be offered the opportunity to work with the Health Board. We work with a number of NHS customers across the UK and recognise the sensitivities required when working in this sector.

“Our system offers facilities to accommodate unforeseen circumstances where extra time may be required. This will be managed by Hospital Reception who will also be able to register Blue Badge vehicles.

“Should people wish to query a charge, we operate an industry-leading appeals process which is regularly audited by the BPA (British Parking Association) and the DVLA whereby people simply write or email with the details of their case.

“The great advantage of the ParkingEye system is that it is highly accurate, fair and transparent. It allows for efficient use of all parking spaces and ensures that adequate space is available for those who most need it.”

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