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The Sunday Teatime Show with Lesley Jennings

Sunday Afternoon – 5pm to 7pm

Join Rookwood Sound’s very strange lady – the award winning Lesley Jennings.

Lesley can often be found wondering the wards of Rookwood and Llandough asking for your requests and dedications – tune in and find out if she’s playing yours! or contact her if there’s something you want to hear!

Search For A Star – Do you fancy seeing yourself on TV or live on stage? Then our weekly look at TV companies and local amateur dramatic groups who are looking for people to take part in future productions could start you out on the road to stardom

The Green Room – Whether it is how you can improve your carbon footprint, save money by changing your choices or just hear details of something interesting concerning the environment, it’s all in Lesley’s Green Room eg do you want to help save our environment from the dangers currently destroying it/Be a Bag Lady/Clean Green/Eat Organic – finish off with a cover version which is the music industry’s idea of recycling..

What’s On – Weekly look at events that are happening in Cardiff and the surrounding areas offering listeners a chance to get free publicity for events they are organizing

The Library – In the library each week, we will be covering all things literature including details of your favourite author, reviews of books you like or not as the case may be, mixed up with a few poems or ditties.

Five after Five theme time – 5 records connected in some way e.g. names when I will be offering a prize for the first listener to call the studio because I play a song with their name in the title. No cheating though because I will want to verify claim so staff will have to show me their ID badges and confirm that patients are who they claim to be.

Off the Shelf – Each week I blow of the dust from a CD at home, play 2/3 songs and give listeners information about the songs/artists

Newsround – Short items spotted in the week e.g. surveys, special offers, product recalls, etc


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