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Robin Street – Saturday 8-10

Robin has always wanted to pursue his interest in radio after leaving it behind at the end of his studies over a decade ago. Rookwood Sound has provided him not only with an opportunity to do this but also to take his first real steps in to volunteering.

On a personal level Robin now has a forum to unleash his incredibly accurate (if you haven’t seen any of the films) movie star impressions on the world. With a number of features including ‘Who Wrote It’ ‘Welsh Song’ and ‘VS Battle’ the show delivers the right balance of fun, information and most important of all the music people want to hear each week (can never go wrong with a bit of Elvis…)

 Robin say`s

`The level of trust to produce the content and technical side while also undertaking presenting duties is a real show of faith from the team  at the station and I hope to reward that by giving our listeners the best possible experience`



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