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Welcome to the Training page, here you can find a copy of our training programme for new and existing members

Training courses for new members last for 12 weeks. Once the course has started, we are unable to accept additional members until the current course has finished.

You will be held contacted and your details held until the next course is available

Purpose of the training

To provide all new members with adequate training to facilitate an overall understanding of the work carried out by Rookwood Sound Hospital Broadcasting and to fully understand what they expect as volunteers while indicating what the organisation can do for them. All new members are invited to attend an induction meeting where a brief overview of Rookwood Sound will be given; this meeting will take the form of an informal interview for the prospective member and they will be required to complete an application form and provide referees as appropriate. If successful in the interview and subject to satisfactory references and relevant Criminal Records checks, completed by the CRB, the member will embark on the training scheme. It is anticipated that training will take 3 months to complete with formal in informal sessions being arranged. It is also planned that members undergoing training will also participate in a regular live broadcast in addition to training sessions.

What can you expect?

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Any questions regarding this document can be addressed to our trainer Lesley Jennings by emailing or by calling 029 2031 3796 or writing to Rookwood Sound, Jeff Lyons Suite, Rookwood Hospital, Llandaff, Cardiff, CF5 2YN

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